March, 2014 Archive

On Canadian Atheist: This is not an unbelievers’ world

I don’t think that anyone with a solid and sane grip on the current reality of the world can disagree that the “religious group” that is most discriminated against and most persecuted today is nonbelievers. But sometimes you need a graphic to get a sense of just how bad the situation is. Using the data […]

Racism, gender essentialism, transphobia, and anti-science attitudes are rampant in tween media

I didn’t watch the Olympics. Part of it is simply that I’m not much of a sports fan, and even less of a fan of the kind of hyper-commercialized, industrialized sports that the Olympics represent. The other part was that I didn’t want anything to do with them given the political situation in Russia. The […]

Back from hiatus

No, I’m not dead! I took a brief and somewhat unplanned hiatus in February for personal reasons – nothing serious, though – compounded with the fact that I was sort of living cut off from news and pop culture (and, hence, had nothing to write about). But I’m alive, and the posts will continue, as […]