Vaguely rude place names in Canada

I’m a big fan of things that are informative and a big fan of things that are hilariously inappropriate, and the intersection of those sets always brightens my day. So I had to share with you the work of one Gary Gale, who has meticulously crafted an interactive map showing all of the places in the world with vaguely rude names.

In Canada, Newfoundland is the undisputed leader in double entendre place names:

  • Virgin Arm
  • Conception Bay
  • Spread Eagle

Across the rest of Canada, it seems we can only muster a paltry three more:

  • Climax, Saskatchewan
  • Crotch Lake, Ontario
  • Meat Cove, Nova Scotia

I have a hard time believing that the second-largest country in the world can’t do better than that. Surely there have to be some examples Mr. Gale has missed.

So I lay the challenge before all Canadians and fans of Canuckistan to find more vaguely rude place names in Canada, and either pass them along to Mr. Gale, or leave them here as comments. And I would like to go beyond what Gale has done as put the call out for potentially inappropriate place names in both of our official languages – and, if we can possibly manage it, in any of the provincial official languages (Inuktitut, Chipewyan, etc.), ideally with some explanation of what the ‘other’ interpretation of the name is.

Bonus Internet points, of course, for place names whose rudeness is obviously not accidental.

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