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Following Canadian news can be a challenge and a half. Mainstream sources are easy to find, but about as reliable as a gauze condom. Alternative sources are a chore. Sometimes it takes a comedian to make sense of Canadian politics.

You know the difference between an American celebrity and a Canadian celebrity? It’s the difference between “?… oh yes, of course I know them,” and “?… hm… sounds vaguely familiar… were they on Corner Gas?” Well the moment I saw Scott Vrooman’s name, that creeping sense of guilt for not doing enough to support Canadian artists told me right away that he was a Canadian celebrity. All that remained was to figure out who the hell he was.

DuckDuckGo to the rescue! The guy I was looking for was the #2 result (after a house – more evidence of Canadian celebrity!), and one peek reminded me of where I knew him from: Picnicface.

A photo of Scott Vrooman.

Scott Vrooman.

If you still can’t place Vrooman… well, honestly, that probably isn’t about to change. You see, Vrooman is running for a Senate seat, which promises to give him just about as much public visibility as, well, a senator. You know, like that guy… with the… and that woman from… you know, the place. I mean, who can even name a senator, unless they’re under investigation for fraud? Which, sadly, has done more to educate Canadians about the membership of the Senate than anything they’ve done in the last 150 years.

If something about the previous paragraph seemed a little bizarre, it wasn’t the bit implying that the Senate has actually done anything in the last 150 years, it was that Vrooman is trying to get elected to a Senate seat. Specifically, he is trying to unseat either Linda Frum, Don Meredith, or Colin Kenny. Those people are all senators, by the way. Though you might already know them by their expense scandals and sexual harassment probes, now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t professional credentials, and general disdain for democracy.

Scott “Down the Barrel” Vrooman plans to run his election the same day as the federal election (tentatively scheduled for October 19th). It will essentially be a game of musical chairs, with three senate seats up for grabs; whoever gets the lowest number of votes ends up without a Senate seat.

Check out his pitch:

I don’t particularly agree with Vrooman’s idea that the way to reform the Senate is to make it elected. That seems to me to be a case of “fixing” the Upper House by making it broken in exactly the same way as the Lower House. Nevertheless, I’m going to have to give him my endorsement. Not my money or my time or anything I’ll actually miss, of course – but my endorsement, which has to count for something right?

I don’t know if Scott Vrooman, as a professional comedian, is going to appreciate this endorsement, but if elected he will be the only thing in the Senate that isn’t a joke.

Scott Vrooman for the Senate, 2015!

And by the way, I highly recommend his video blogs.

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