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The myth of the Christmas Truce

You’ve almost certainly heard some variant of the story. In the first December after the outbreak of World War Ⅰ in 1914, in the midst of the bloody and wearing trench warfare that became the defining symbol of the fighting on the Western Front, the soldiers on opposing sides spontaneously dropped their weapons on Christmas […]

On Canadian Atheist: Canadian atheists, your help is needed in an important Supreme Court battle

The Supreme Court of Canada is going to hear arguments on prayer in government meetings sometime in the next few months, in MLQ v. City of Saguenay. Despite the recent loss in US courts, our chances are good. However, the plaintiffs need huge amounts of money to bring the case forward, and to have a […]

On Canadian TV: On a show about different faiths getting along, atheism is just a punch line

You may remember that show that CBC aired a few years ago called Little Mosque on the Prairie. It caused a big stir when it was first announced, and remained a moderate hit for its first year or two, though interest waned quickly when it became obvious how empty-headed it was. Pretending to be controversial […]

On Canadian Atheist: This is not an unbelievers’ world

I don’t think that anyone with a solid and sane grip on the current reality of the world can disagree that the “religious group” that is most discriminated against and most persecuted today is nonbelievers. But sometimes you need a graphic to get a sense of just how bad the situation is. Using the data […]

Racism, gender essentialism, transphobia, and anti-science attitudes are rampant in tween media

I didn’t watch the Olympics. Part of it is simply that I’m not much of a sports fan, and even less of a fan of the kind of hyper-commercialized, industrialized sports that the Olympics represent. The other part was that I didn’t want anything to do with them given the political situation in Russia. The […]

On Canadian Atheist: Stupid questions

The saying goes that “there are no stupid questions”. I beg to disagree. When questions are asked insincerely – without intent to gain new knowledge – then those questions are stupid questions. More details on Canadian Atheist.

Canadian Atheist is back!

It’s true! Canadian Atheist is back online and already flush with new posts.

Signs of intelligent life

The Québec Charter of Values and secular weakness

Yesterday, Terry Firma of Friendly Atheist wrote a post about making certain forms of religious expression illegal. He was speaking theoretically, of course, but for Canadians – especially Québécois – this is not theoretical.

Poll alert: Do you support public funding of Catholic schools?

From Canadian Atheist‘s Veronica via Godless Poutine, a poll that needs some fixin’. “Do you support public funding of Catholic schools?” At the moment the results are 60-39 for “yes”. Let’s set them straight.