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I make public domain ebooks

It occurs to me that I’ve never mentioned this here, but I make public domain ebooks. I take public domain texts, mark them up using modern, semantic technologies, package them as EPUB ebooks, then release them back into the public domain.

Back from hiatus

No, I’m not dead! I took a brief and somewhat unplanned hiatus in February for personal reasons – nothing serious, though – compounded with the fact that I was sort of living cut off from news and pop culture (and, hence, had nothing to write about). But I’m alive, and the posts will continue, as […]

Canadian Atheist is back!

It’s true! Canadian Atheist is back online and already flush with new posts.

Good news for Canadian Atheist

I got some good news in my inbox today: Canadian Atheist seems to be on the mend. (In fact, by the time you read this, it might already be back up.) That’s certainly a bright spot in what’s been a rather rough week for me, on the personal front. It’s nothing anyone needs to worry […]

Comments and user registrations enabled

It looks like things are working now… sorta kinda. At least, they’re working well enough that I can re-enable comments and user registration. There are still some issues – for some reason the site is painfully slow – but it looks like everything is functional enough.

Comments and user registrations temporarily disabled

As you can imagine, with the blog only a few hours old (a few days at most, by the time you’re likely reading this), there are a lot of places where the paint’s not yet dry, and things aren’t quite working smoothly.

Indi in the Wired is back!

I put my private blogging on hiatus a while ago, while I continued to blog on other services, like ARISE (now closed), and Canadian Atheist. But it’s time to get back on the horse.