You can contact me by sending a message with the following contact form. I can’t promise a speedy reply, but I’ll do my best. Be sure to use a valid email address if you need a reply back from me.

If you’d prefer to get in touch with me via social media, I don’t use any of the mainstream, proprietary networks, like Facebook or Twitter. These are the social networks I am available on:

Indi on
@indi on

I am also occasionally available on IRC, as indi on the Rizon IRC network. The best place to find me there is in my channel #indi. I am not there 24/7, so leave a message or hang around, and I will notice you eventually.

Note: Running tihs blog is not my full time job, so I am not monitoring these communications channels every hour of every day. It may take a few days before I notice your message, and a few days beyond that until I get a chance to reply. Please be patient.

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