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On Canadian Atheist: Electoral reform

Everyone who follows Canadian politics closely knows how badly we need proportional representation at all levels of government. Atheists, freethinkers, and skeptics need it particularly badly. More details on Canadian Atheist.

On Canadian Atheist: Ontario and Nova Scotia bar associations deny accreditation to homophobic university

In short order, members of both the Law Society of Upper Canada (the bar association for Ontario) and the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society narrowly voted to deny accreditation to the proposed law school of the homophobic Trinity Western University… despite the fact that 13 years ago the Supreme Court of Canada ruled against the British […]

On Canadian Atheist: Why the Erazo decision is not really a meaningful step forward

There is a lot of crowing in the freethinker blogosphere about the recent court victory by Oliver Erazo over the Dufferin-Peel Catholic District School Board. Unfortunately, much of it is extremely misinformed about just how much impact the decision really had. It turns out that there is actually no substantive change in the separate schools […]

On Canadian Atheist: This is not an unbelievers’ world

I don’t think that anyone with a solid and sane grip on the current reality of the world can disagree that the “religious group” that is most discriminated against and most persecuted today is nonbelievers. But sometimes you need a graphic to get a sense of just how bad the situation is. Using the data […]

On Canadian Atheist: Stupid questions

The saying goes that “there are no stupid questions”. I beg to disagree. When questions are asked insincerely – without intent to gain new knowledge – then those questions are stupid questions. More details on Canadian Atheist.

Canadian Atheist is back!

It’s true! Canadian Atheist is back online and already flush with new posts.

Good news for Canadian Atheist

I got some good news in my inbox today: Canadian Atheist seems to be on the mend. (In fact, by the time you read this, it might already be back up.) That’s certainly a bright spot in what’s been a rather rough week for me, on the personal front. It’s nothing anyone needs to worry […]