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A Humanist Canada response to Japanese Canadian internment

Humanist Canada’s misguided response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s report is an embarrassment. But they don’t understand why. So to demonstrate, I’ve reframed their release as a response to Japanese Canadian internment in World War ⅠⅠ.

IS/ISIS/ISIL, social media, and censorship – there is a solution

Shortly after the news broke about the murder of a journalist for money, and the existence of a video showing the beheading, major social media platforms flew into a panic. Their inevitable corporate-reactionary response was to completely scrub their services of any sign of the militant group – or the video – but that only […]

What Ryan Bell’s atheism experiment should really be about

The atheist world has been buzzing about the “experiment” being conducted by (former?) Pastor Ryan J. Bell, to – as he puts it – “try on” atheism for a year. Some have been positive about the idea, others not so much.